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Experior is an independent test laboratory owned and run by Bryn Edwards and Colin Howes. As engineers who are also business owners - they are aware of your business issues, not just the technology.

At Experior our mission is to assist manufacturers and importers through the CE marking process with emphasis on bringing the product to market in the shortest possible time frames. We believe in providing an unbeatable service based on flexibility and client participation through an interactive development process. Above all we hold client confidentiality in the highest regard ensuring each project undertaken is a congenial experience for all involved.

Our staff collectively holds over 60 years experience during which we have been closely involved in the technical development of numerous unique and successful products brought to the global market. We specialise in the testing and development of a wide range of electrical and electronic products including in depth product knowledge down to individual component level enabling us to offer a cost-effective route through the development process to market launch.

You can also benefit from our extensive expertise in areas of:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Radio
  • Audio
  • Telecommunications
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Factors
  • Quality Assurance

Flexibility is a key attribute. We understand that minimum lead times for testing are often critical in the project development cycle. We aim to provide the client with technical solutions to their requirements whilst offering full support through each stage of product development and production ensuring your vision is realised within the allotted time frame and to an exceptional standard. We don't simply test products and present pages of tables, plots and results, we provide you with concise but accurate reports full of insight and simplified explanations of your options so you can make well informed decisions for your business. We work with you in finding optimum solutions, not just technical but cost effective and practical too.

As compliance to government standards is so important to ensure a timely release of your product our experienced team are happy to offer their assistance in assuring this is so. This includes the RTTE (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment), EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and Low Voltage Directives which focus on health and safety, emissions of electromagnetic fields and use of the radio spectrum. More information on these can be found through our links page.